What is SMS Messaging?

Text marketing is a digital marketing channel by which you can reach your customers even in those times when they are offline. It’s your way to gain the great benefits of acquiring, engaging and retaining your app users using low costs and little effort.

Reasons and benefits to try out the product

As targeted as you might need

No need to collect data or pay for one! Smart deep linked text marketing can bring your users’ data back from the app itself and highly use it to personalize your SMSs. It also use these data to get an accurate segmentation to the target audience. Combining the powers of personalizing and targeting the SMSs, you can then make the WOW kind of experience actually happens!

Gain high while give less

Not only no prerequisites needed, but also no huge budgets required. You can effortlessly and with your minimal budget hit all the targets you are seeking!

Make your app stands out from all

The app store is already stuffed with billions of apps, so instead of letting your audience navigate through all the other apps and get lost, you can use SMSs to immediately direct them to your own! Your can use SMSs to send them the smart link that will leads to the download button with just one click.


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    Flexible Redirection

    Any redirection action can be defined on per platform (Send SMS,Open WebPage, Send Email,etc)

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    Social Media Preview

    preview content on social media share, for better click rate, customizable per link

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    Automated CTA

    as soon as links opened , it automatically routes the user to predefined routes.

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    DeepLink Builder

    Ready-Made Redirection Actions for: Sending SMS – Sending e-mail – Making phone calls – Posting tweets

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    trace hits, user location, device and os, acquisition channels

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    Closed Loop Attribution

    Visibility of user acquisition channel and journey from the start all through to installation and conversion.

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