Smart Deep Linking

Increase your mobile conversion, retention, engagement, through Mobile Attribution and Mobile Deep Linking.

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What is a Smart Deep link?

A hyperlink that allows app developers and mobile marketers to create a single link that sends the user to a specific page inside an app, traces every step in user journey  from the click, installs to recurrent deep link opens with built-in detailed analytics

Key Benefits

For App Marketers 

For Digital Marketers

Deep pages app installs use-case

This will help you to reduce the bouncing users because it makes the sign-up process easier and hassle-free for them

Deep pages app installs use-case

Are you sending weekly email digest of your app offers to your users? Did you know that email campaigns with mobile deep links produced more than 50% conversion rate?
Embrace this channel to send your highest value mobile customers straight into your app for the highest possible net gain.

Deep pages app installs use-case

Using Smart Deep Link with your multi-channel marketing campaigns boosts your users’ conversion to install the app and engage with it, as it offers powerful link generation, referral tracking, attribution, deferred deep linking. These links work whether they are clicked on mobile or desktop and directly take the user to the target content after they install the app.

Deep pages app installs use-case

Your app content is viewable and shareable over any channel; because Smart Deep links implement social media cards for better user experience while using social media over desktop and mobile. Your app content will suit sharing on any social platform

Deep pages app installs use-case

Smart Deep links help you effectively advertise within the app content. You can also customize the user’s experience with the option to show an App Content Preview on the web to improve installation conversion.

Deep pages app installs use-case

Increase SMS marketing Conversion by using smart deep links in your SMS campaigns,  Smart Deep Link, automated routing actions, produce more user-friendly and interactive SMS.
With Deep linked SMS, Smart Deep links cut your costs by more than half! also, boost your conversion rates by enhancing usability.

Deep pages app installs use-case

Set your mobile payment scheme to be more user-friendly with deep linked SMS, Whats App or Emails that direct the user to pay by SMS on Mobile and to pay by Credit Card on a desktop.

Universal Redirector
Reach your user wherever they are

Universal Redirector
Our mobile deep linking enables you to route app users to the optimal location based on their device type(ios/android), location and whether they have your app installed.
You can have a specific automatic routing for each device platform with a single short link.

App Store Routing
For mobile users who do not have your app installed, route them to correct app store with a single link, reducing friction in the acquisition.

Deferred Deep linking
After a new user has installed your app,  automatically route their flow to marketing campaign desired location in the app (not just to the default home screen).

Deep linking
If a user already has your app installed, route them directly to the optimal location in the app.

universal links


  • flexible Redirection - universal links

    Flexible Redirection

    Any redirection action can be defined  per platform (Send SMS, Open WebPage, Send Email, etc.)

  • social media preview

    Social Media Preview

    Posts shared on social media will have a content preview for better click rates. Preview can be customized for each link.

  • automated-cta icon

    Automated CTA

    As soon as links opened, it automatically routes the user to predefined routes.

  • Deep Linking Builder

    Deep Linking Builder

    Ready-Made Redirection Actions for Sending SMS – Sending e-mail – Making phone calls – Posting tweets

  • Mobile Deep Pages analytics icon


    Trace hits, user location, device and os, acquisition channels

  • Deep Linking closed-loop

    Closed Loop Attribution

    Visibility of user acquisition channel and journey from the start all through to installation and conversion.

what is deep linking
Smart Deep Linking VS Deep Linking

Smart Deep Linking VS Deep Linking

Deep links only work if your users have the app installed. If they don’t have it installed at the moment they are opening the deep link, then the deep link will direct them to a fallback or an error page.

What makes smart deep link differ?

Smart deep links are capable of directing your users to the app even if they don’t have it installed yet! When a user opens a smart deep link that leads him/her to a specific page inside the app without having the app itself, the smart deep link will take them to the app/play store to the download CTA, then will automatically direct them to the deferred page they were trying to open in the first place.