In the Appgain vs Adjust blog, we talked about User acquisition, but what after acquisition? What about Engagement and Retention? Well, in this blog we’re going to talk about what Does Appgain offer you to help you acquire more users, and engage them and compare it to what NotifyVisitors Offer! Let’s get started!

Overwhelming never get the job done

When you’re looking to keep your customer engaged with your platform, you must’ve thought about notifications, SMS, Email, In-App notifications, as your primary channels right?

But you don’t send all of those at one time, right? No, you don’t.

You plan carefully and hit your users with the right sequence of tools, and the best thing that you could happen is to have the tools of acquiring, engage and retain all in one place.

All that while not a bad thing, but when you’re dealing with like 6 tools is much more different than dealing with a 60 tools right?

Jack of all trades master of none

When you’re looking for a person that gets the job done for you, do you go with a generalist that does anything and everything but never specializes in any, or do you get someone whose area of expertise is the job you got for him?

It’s a pretty obvious answer, you would be wasting your time and money to go with a generalist, simply because they know the tricks that a specialized one knows!

That’s why we believe that offering an important set of tools is important for your business!


Now we come to the important part, I had an incident where I was charged more for something I didn’t know it was available for me when I asked I was told “no one told you not to use it, everyone knows that”

I was mad because it’s not clear what I get charged for, what I could use and what I couldn’t use, that how I always feel when people do not show their pricing.

And even if you searched the internet you’ll find that no one talks about the pricing, and not being clear at what you sell is not a strong point.

Now let’s talk about why would you choose Appgain? 

At we offer Notifications, Deep linking, and many other tools for getting the app discovered, automating user engagement and personalized their onboarding, etc.

without overwhelming you with much of thing you don’t need, we give you what you need and you pay for it, and you could always check the pricing on our website, simple, right?

let’s put all of our comparison in the form of a table so it’s easier for you to read?

Appgain Vs NotifyVisitors




Mobile Deep Linking
A short link sends the user to a specific page inside an app, even if the app is not installed.
Mobile attribution
Detect each user acquisition channel, can identify from where you got highest LTV App users.
✅ Basic Level
Mobile Deep Pages
Get your app content discovered in the google search, let your users preview your app content even before they install it.
Web Push Notifications
App Notifications
App Marketing Automaton via SMS, Email, App Push and Web Push
Users Remarketing with Pixel tracking and Push  even if they removed the app 
App Push Conversion tracking: who opened, dismissed it or converted?
User Funnels and CohortsPowered by Countly
Flows/VisualsPowered by Countly
Rich User Profile
Uninstalls Monitor
Track and analyze app uninstalls and reasons for it.
Coming Soon

I’m not going to discuss every single one of those features as this comparison while turn out to be a long one, so let’s keep it simple Appgain and OneSignal provide some similar products but there are a couple of key differences between the two.

1-Notifications Campaign Performance  

Analyze the performance of your notifications to know what made a better impact to improve! with scheduled notifications to deliver your notifications at a steady pace.

2-App Users Retargeting 

Also retargeting is a big part of the marketing strategy, when you re-target the right people with notifications, while also appearing to them at their favorite social media! , even if they removed the app

Because marketing campaigns are more of a journey, we want to keep your user engaged all the way to retention!

4- Price Why Appgain not NotifyVisitors?

Well, if you’re a small to a medium-firm the higher the price the counterintuitive it gets for you, you might not want to overkill it you might need basic services at an affordable price, then is the way to go.

Mobile app marketing platform

5- Mobile Deep pages & referrals “a Toolbox for a Mobile Customer Lifecycle” 

Smart deep links

You might think oh come on how useful user referral is? And you’d be very surprised of how much is it impacting on a business that could be, for an example Dropbox grew 3900% by implementing a simple referral program, read the case study here

Mobile deep pages

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make the user see what you see? Know what you know? Well that’s the case with Smart Deep Links give the user a taste of your offer, a snippet of your app, make the user curious to download your app!

Who do I go with Appgain or NotifyVisitors?!

Well, it’s a no brainer at this point that Appgain is that right solution for you, you get all that you need in one place, keeping your data organized and in one place, offering you more features with less cost! we understand how marketing could be frustrating for you and that’s why we built Appgain, to keep all of your data together

So if you’re a  mobile-first entrepreneur or indie app hacker, Appgain provides you with what you want without breaking your bank.

Claim your trial now and give our All-in-one platform a test drive, have any questions ? chat with us!

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