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App Mobile Deep Linking

The smart deep link lets the user get deep in a specific page you sent him to. Even if he hasn't installed the App on his phone.

Social Media Re-targeting

Social Media Preview Optimized for best CTR: each generated Mobile Deep Page has all major social media metadata, Think of it as conversion rate optimization, a channel marketing automation for social exposure. The implications for SEO are also significant. We know from studies that the right data, including optimized images, help content to spread, that’s why we implemented it in our mobile deep linking which often leads to increased links and mentions.

Supported Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snap-chat
  • LinkedIn

Custom CTA

With Deep Links, you’ll be able to encourage your users to take actions with a single click, whether opened on mobile or desktop, a channel Marketing Automation:

  • Send SMS
  • Send Email
  • Click to call
  • Post tweet
  • Post FB status
  • Like FB page
  • Open app Deep Link
  • Payment

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App Install Detection

detects if the user has your app already installed or not , with deferred deep linking the user screen flow will continue to the target screen even if app was just installed .

App Install Attribution

Detect each user acquisition channel ,thanks to our SDK matching algorithm you can identify from where you got highest LTV App users.

Location Aware

Detects user's location, device and OS , and log each link click user location ,device and OS and browser and from where he reached (referral).

Cross Platform

Works on PC & mobile even if your app is not installed, opposite to standard deep links which works only on mobiles have your app.