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App Metrics

Get crucial analytics for your app that drives growth, analytics like:

  • App downloads
  • Users LTV
  • Trace App Install
  • Trace deferred deep linking
  • Track your users’ behavior inside your app

Measure Influencer ROI Using Mobile Attribution.

Know how much did this influencer get you as ROI in:

  • downloads
  • Sales from the customers acquired from this influencer
  • Simply get accurate answers to:
  • Is it cost effective to do sponsored posts with this influencer?
  • Am i getting revenue more than I've paid for?

Deep Links

With Deep Links, you’ll be able to encourage your users to take actions with a single click and make your app virally shareable, while also tracking your app metrics:

  • Send SMS
  • Send Email
  • Click to call
  • Post Tweet
  • Post FB status
  • Like FB page
  • Open app Deep Link
  • Payment

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Installs Attribution

Tracking your App installs from each channel is crucial to your marketing campaign, know what channels are doing better and improve them!

 Campaign Revenue

Know the lifetime value per user from your marketing channels and know which channel is bringing more valuable users?

App Install Tracking

Track every install of your app to know how's your channel performing.

Deep Links Tracking

No matter where your deep link was open, you'll always know because our deep links gets tracked on mobile or desktop.