Mobile Attribution

track all of your marketing channels performance , attribute your acquired users to the sources they come from .

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What is Mobile Attribution?

Get visibility of customer acquisition channel and journey in the funnel, from the start all through to installation and conversion.

app install attribution

Closed Loop Attribution
Know the channel that gets you the most app installs

We give you full visibility into where new app users are coming from using unique fingerprinting technology. Appgain ties the source of acquisition with downstream events to provide you with full visibility into your organic and viral marketing efforts.
From click to install to in-app actions, Appgain measures your full user conversion funnel.

We track:

  • Clicks 
  • App Installs 
  • Deep Link open
  • User Acquisition Channel (Email, SMS, Social, Web)
  • UTM Parameters or  Custom Parameters 
  • Location for each click
  • userId for each click
Appgain smart deeplink Metadata Passing


  • flexible Redirection - universal links

    Flexible Redirection

    Any redirection action can be defined  per platform (Send SMS, Open WebPage, Send Email, etc.)

  • social media preview

    Social Media Preview

    Posts shared on social media will have a content preview for better click rates. Preview can be customized for each link.

  • automated-cta icon

    Automated CTA

    As soon as links opened, it automatically routes the user to predefined routes.

  • Deep Linking Builder

    Deep Linking Builder

    Ready-Made Redirection Actions for Sending SMS – Sending e-mail – Making phone calls – Posting tweets

  • Mobile Deep Pages analytics icon


    Trace hits, user location, device and os, acquisition channels

  • Deep Linking closed-loop

    Closed Loop Attribution

    Visibility of user acquisition channel and journey from the start all through to installation and conversion.