Make Your Customer Login Within Seconds!

February 20, 2021

Phones or laptops are opened with fingerprints, face ID. Everyone has saved passwords and usernames. The concept of “login” is changing too. 

Make your users use your app directly, and make their first purchase with smart link login”

What is a smart link login?  

Login with smart links is made for users to enter your mobile app within a less amount of time.  

smart link login


Why smart link login? 

Making users’ journey easy is important to increase active and loyal customer numbers. Login, the first page every user faces, is the door of you. When they decide to open your mobile app, you shouldn’t give them a reason to give up. To decrease the time spent on login, a smart link solution is found. 

“In the traditional way, the average time spent to create an account is 1 minute 30 seconds, with smart link login, it takes 10 seconds!


How does it work?

So-called magic links, enables users to sign in with one link. In the process, email or telephone number information is enough. After the user enters her email address, (for example) she receives an email with a magic link that will lead her to the page. 

“Make the user become a customer”

Still not sure? You still might think why it matters for all the work to integrate it to your login page, here is a fact: 

“Acquiring a new user is 7 times more costly than retaining the existing one.”

As much as we seek growth at the acquisition level, we should work on keeping the current users satisfied with the whole process. With also called password-less authentication, a short/easy login to your mobile app will increase the time spent inside. 

Don’t lose your customers, make your mobile app more user friendly.