Smart deep link is a special link created to direct potential donors to open the SMS page ready to be sent, make a call, a donation page on your website, or even direct them to post or a tweet or to follow your account.

The link adapts to where the user is clicking the link & depending on that it creates a different path to each one.

one of its applications is to boost SMS mobile marketing response/conversion rate.

For example, you send a plain SMS asking some of your potential donors to participate in saving an urgent case:

 An urgent case: A sick orphan needs your support, install our application & start donating now, Send SMS to 1234

If it’s just that plain without even adding a number to call or SMS, it would be worse. But even in the case you added it, potential donors may not be active enough to go & open an SMS or open your website to donate or make a call.

That’s what Smart Deep Link does. It creates a path for potential users & closes the cycle to ensure a better conversion rate.

Fujairah Charity association is one of our clients & has witnessed a great difference before & after using our Smart Deep Links in SMS donations.


Mobile marketing costs have decreased by 70% & what’s most important is that conversion rate increased to 12% while it was only 3% with plain text messages. 
Numbers have shown mobile marketing conversion improvements :

Response rate2%12%
Cost for 20k SMS18k AED6k AED
Expected donations2k AED24k AED

If you are aiming for better conversion rate & gaining more users to your mobile application with less cost, our smart deep link is the perfect solution.

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