Mobile apps are not a “set-and-forget” thing, you don’t just create it and that’s it! Creating the app is your start line; it’s when you actually start the game.

The real case here is to go through all the challenges you face until you reach the finish line successfully, and then go to the next level and so on and so forth. 
Accordingly, we are providing you with what you actually need to win this mobile app marketing challenging game; “ step-by-step guidelines in  Mobile App Marketing and how to acquire, engage and retain app users”.

Throughout this guide you are going to learn more about mobile app user journey, how you can trigger them in each phase of this journey, and how to successfully pass each phase till you reach the triumph!

Step 1: Know more about the game

Before taking any step forward in the game, you need study its related facts and figures first. so here we go. Researchers found that “Four out of five smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up, and 44% admit to sleep with their phones beside their bed.” Huge huh? And the ugly truth is that users don’t even spend this time equally between different apps. A mobile app user has average of 26 app, but s/he uses only 5 of them for 80% of the time!

These insights will tell you more about that:

  • an insight on app categories share and average time spent in each

  • While you have a very strong top 10 apps of all times

  • When you try to introduce a new app, these are your chances


  • But knowing what your users expected will definitely help in a millions

using these facts and figures you can now map most of the challenges you may face and get prepared.

Time to learn how to win them all! 
Moving to step No.2

Step 2: Understand your user journey

In order to win users’ attention and to stand out despite all of the above challanges, you need to know your users’ lifecycle starting from the minute they hold their digital device and start navigating… 
Growth framework “AARRR” is your best enlightenment model for that aspect. Invented by Dave McClure back in 2007, AARRR was and still that simple and clear way which well-illustrated how exactly your users move from a phase to another and get you one step closer to the understanding of their behavior. AARRR states that mobile app users go through 5 phases; acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referral, as shown in the diagram:

Your task now is to master each single phase of these; to understand how to encounter each one, to know the best strategies to be used, and to discover the suitable tools to analysis and manage your strategies… Let’s dig deeper! 

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