Mobile App Marketing Strategies – How To Acquire, Engage and Retain Users? – Part 2

January 24, 2018


To acquire, engage and retain users, you need to know the rules of the game. And to win the triumph of this game, you will need to take each phase of it by storm! What we are tackling here is the steps you need to follow. Previously in part 1, we addressed step no.1 “Know more about the game” where we enlighten your path with some real-time statistics about mobile consumer behaviors, mobile experience and install attribution. Then we tackled step No.2 “Understand your user journey” where we introduced the AARRR model and its benefits for your mobile marketing process. Now moving to step no.3

Step 3: Utilizing the AARRR Model in your mobile app marketing plan

I- Acquisition

– How do users find your app? (your app discovery)

Having more than 1.2 million apps in app stores, your mobile app acquisition process is not such an easy task to accomplish. After double-checking on your users’ persona and segmentation, and making sure that you are targeting the exact right audience to your app, you need to start researching where exactly to hunt these audiences. And the question here is “From where can you start?” The answer is right in this insight 

These are the most active mobile users’ acquisition strategies and channels. After thoroughly checking it, you need to do the following:

  • Determine which channels of these you are using the most
  • Determine how common/successful it is according to the graph
  • Check out your app acquisition insights (aka mobile attribution) from each channel and document all the findings
  • Compare between the insights of each channel you analyze and determine which ones work for you the most

    After doing this exercise, you will definitely find out that the most effective channels/strategies on your list is one of these: social media, video ads and ASO. These three are the top channels to acquire audience, but do we know how to approach them correctly? Let’s see…

– Social Media

Social Media is ranked as No.1 channel on the “most effective channels” list for a reason; it’s a magical channel if you just used it right! Evolution of social media throughout the years is impressing. Nowadays it is marketers’ no.1 channel to reach and acquire the broadest possible base of audiences, and to network with them as well!

So here are you some Do and Don’ts when you start setting your social media strategies:

The Dos
  • Create a worth spreading app content: Wants your mobile app go viral? Then listen to this. The fastest and most effective way to spread your latest news/updates about your app is to get people to share it. The easiest way for people to share these news/updates is to find them right there on their timeline. So create that shareable and engaging app content and let your audiences do the rest! It can be a written post, a GIF or a video
  • Interact: think of social media platforms as your online PR. Reply to your audience’s’ comment or engage them through a game that is related to your app, and most importantly, act like a human being, not like a robot! Collaborate with influencers: Social media influencers are talking marketing by storm, forget the old school strategy of focusing all of your budgets on paid ads, save some to the right influencer who is in the same field of your app and collaborate to advertise for your mobile app.
  • Hashtags: watch the most used hashtags closely on each platform you are using post regularly on those platforms. Choose what is suitable for you and use them wisely.

As for the Don’ts, this chart says it all:

Here are you some tools that can assist you:

Socedo: “Automate Social Media Lead Generation Machine”

Hashtagify: “Find and Analyze Top hashtags.”

Hootsuite: “Manage Multiple Networks and Measure your campaign results.”

Edgar: “Social Media Scheduling Tool That Manages Itself”

Crowdfire: “Grows your audience and build up the brand

That’s where can you start from regarding social media mobile marketing. Follow step-by-step guide to acquiring. Engage and retain users – part 3 to explore the rest of the channels.

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