How mobile marketing automation boost conversion!

March 06, 2019

Mobile Marketing Automation

It is never easy to take a campaign literally from zero to hero. You need to reach out to people, make them aware of the product/cause, and then get them to be a part of it. But your campaign needs to champion that new thing, which is a droplet in an ocean of other, perhaps even well-established competitors. It doesn’t always need to be this hard, however, to boost conversion rates of your campaigns.

Let us have a look at how you can achieve great campaign results, and how we can benefit you in doing this.

Acquire the Attention of Right People

The first step of any campaign is to attract people interested in your cause, who may then decide to buy, join, donate, and/or share with other like-minded people to build more awareness for you. While the traditional media like TV (or nowadays YouTube) ads, billboards, etc. do have their places, today the greatest and cheapest way to be found is using the power of web and search engines.

Therefore, a mobile-friendly and SEO optimization-ready landing page is where it all starts. Your landing page needs to be visually simple but attractive and should have short but strong lines of text to outline the offer of your campaign. It should include a visible call to action (CTA), and the content needs to be created with a good target keyword in mind. Having a strong domain name in the address is also important.

Appgain’s benefits already start right here. Mobile Deep Pages are among our most prominent features, and allows you to have just that!

The benefits of Mobile Deep Pages include:

  • Stripe payment and lead forms
  • Can be created easily with a visual editor
  • Or, if you have an app, can be autogenerated from app metadata
  • Gives you a place with rich and powerful content to link from less powerful media like SMS messages.
  • Creates valuable advanced analytics for you to visualize your users’ journeys, see what works and what doesn’t in your campaign. Where do you lose interested people? Who can you retarget to convince?
  • Fully supports custom domains.
  • Allows the users to subscribe to your web push notifications. This is a very powerful tool that enables you to create a database of interested users without collecting contact information. Not only does that allow you to send notifications to both desktop and mobile without needing an app, but it also lets you retarget the correct people with notifications.

To fully benefit from our Mobile Deep Pages, we complement it with another powerful technology built by our tech team: Smart Deep Links. More importantly, they will help you to improve your conversion rate significantly!

Turn them into Customers With Mobile Marketing Automation!

The users are most often lost at the step of registering or the actual checkout process. The whole journey needs to be as simple and enjoyable as possible for them. It doesn’t matter what your campaign goal is. Whether you are trying to get more users for your app, get people to register for an event, sell some product, or gather donations for a charity… If your users need to jump through hoops, crawl under rocks, and dodge a few arrows, while also having to listen through useless and boring rhetoric, you can be sure that you’ll lose them…

Smart Deep Links are designed to help you with this issue. These links allow you to take the user to the right place, according to their context.

How does it do that though? Well it offers benefits such as:

  • Takes the user to right place depending on their platform. Let’s say that you are trying to get them to see a specific page in the app. Do they have the app at all? What if they don’t? Do they use Android or iOS? A single smart link can consider all these cases for you! If your user has the app, great! The page launches right away! If they don’t? Well, if they use iOS, they’ll be taken to the app’s App Store page, and if they use Android, they’ll go to Play Store one. Once the app is downloaded, they’ll still see that page you wanted when it launches! It doesn’t limit to apps either; if the user is on a desktop, you can get them to a website or a PWA.
  • Are you using SMS messages to reach out to potential customers? Well, you can incorporate the link there. This way you can use shorter but still more powerful messages, which will take the user to a media-rich page.
  • Let’s say you use the link to take the user to a checkout page for payment. Depending on being on mobile or desktop, you can choose to take them to a payment page, or SMS payment.
  • Do you want to tie your old media and digital media campaigns together? We can encode a quick deep-link to a QR code, and you can put it on your ads, etc. to take the users into your mobile marketing automation funnel even from a billboard ad!

All these features are tailored to make it much simpler for the users to go exactly where you want them to. No hoops to jump, no bullets to dodge. It is quick, friendly, and easy for them to go and do what they will. In just one magic link to get them right there!

This ease of use and the ability to suit every platform to work with just one link increases the user conversion rates with a considerable degree, often even multiplying it!

Well, This All Sounds Nice and Pretty, but… Do You Have Any Examples of It Working?

Well yes, indeed we do! And the example we chose here may not be what you are expecting: it is a charity! Shows that you can use our mobile marketing automation to benefit every kind of campaigns!

Here in Appgain, we are not only helping app developers and marketers, to achieve their goals. Our product also helps charity organizations! Furthering a cause, rushing to aid of those in need…

The charities are fighting the good fight! But to get people to move, they first need to reach out to them. This, in turn, is only possible with running an effective publicity campaign, using all the right tools available for the task. Today, the most important tools are digital media.

Through the digital channels, you can:

  • Reach potential benefactors
  • Make them aware of the campaign
  • Make it easier for them to donate, and hence…
  • Convert them into actual donors

One such charity organization is Sharjah Charity International. They usually do charity campaigns on social media channels and run SMS donation campaigns. While looking for a solution to make donations over SMS an easier process, the organization has found Appgain to be the answer.

And the answer we indeed are, as the Sharjah has enjoyed:

  • An increase in their SMS conversion rate from 3% to 12%
  • Shortened SMS length from 3 messages long to 1, decreasing their campaign cost at the same time.

Sharjah is just one of the many other charity organizations that have enjoyed a great jump in their success rate, as well as a great decrease in their campaign costs. And this is just one industry, we have app creators, digital marketers, and app marketers benefitting from our marketing automation product.

With the Right Tools, mobile marketing automation isn’t Rocket Science! Boost Your Conversion Now!

The science between digital marketing is made available in a custom-built automation tool in Appgain. Our features are designed and built by industry veterans of both technical and PR side of things, to offer you the solution for the challenges you will meet in converting people from mere strangers into clients, donors, and volunteer ambassadors who do your marketing for you!

Still, got questions? Do not hesitate to reach out and Contact Us! Request Demo now.