Best ways of retargeting in retail marketing

May 14, 2019


Retargeting is the hottest type of marketing nowadays. It allows you to actively target people who were interested in what you offer in some way. Instead of trying to find new customers, retargeting lets you get your existing customers to buy more of your offers. It is not surprising that retargeting fits so well into retail marketing too. Still, as with everything, there are right ways, and not so right ways of doing it. Let’s see what are some of the best ways of retargeting in retail marketing


Know your customers

Since retargeting means reaching out to specific people, you need to know in some way who those people are. Thus, we can safely say that the first step of a proper retargeting campaign is to gather knowledge on who to retarget.

Follow what customers are more likely to buy what product, and when for example. With this knowledge, you can target them with the right offer when they are likely to buy it.

Modern technology allows you to have many ways to learn a lot about online users and to use this information to inform the right marketing plan for the right audience. Of course, you need the right tools to be able to enjoy these benefits.

With Appgain for example, you can target your social media ads towards people who have visited the landing page for your product/campaign.

Though, since digital media is the best place to learn of your customers, you should try your best to get them to your digital funnel.

Use all the channels in the right context

There are quite a number of ways to reach out to your customers to retarget them. App or web push notifications, SMS messages, emails, social media ads…

Each of these channels has various advantages and disadvantages compared to one another. Make sure that you are able to make use of them all.

Target the most valuable customers


Extending further from knowing your customers, how much lifetime value they have provided you with is a very useful thing to know.

Every step in retail marketing costs you time, effort, and money. Therefore, it is wise to use these resources on targets that will benefit you the most.

For example, if a user has bought lots of a particular brand of perfume many times, you can let them know when you have more of those in stock.

Deliver your message at the right time

Depending on the type of customer and what kind of retailer you are, there are a few critical times you can choose to retarget someone.

For example, if you know that a user buys a certain type of consumable in let’s say every month, you can remind them to buy some more when their last purchase was about 4 weeks ago.

Alternatively, you can retarget someone right after they buy something! Did they buy a new, shiny gaming console? Well, remind them to buy an additional controller or a game that is rather popular for that console just after their purchase!

Did someone place an order for a product of yours? Great! Send a confirmation SMS/mail, and add them to your retargeting queue to turn them into more than a one-time customer.

Examples of similar “critical times” to trigger your retargeting messages are:

  • People who have visited recently
  • People who have not visited in a while
  • People who have bought something recently
  • People who have created a shopping cart, but abandoned it without completing their purchase.

Use the most applicable of these opportunities to reach out to your customers to get them interested in your products again.

Appgain is the toolkit you need in retargeting, and retail remarketing

With Appgain, you can get a detailed database of users, see their information neatly, target them with web push notifications, app push notifications, emails, or SMS messages. Host a mobile and SEO optimized landing page, and get social media ids of users to show them targeted social media ads. Retarget them based on their LTV, last order date, number of sessions, etc. Create Smart QR Codes to bridge your physical and digital marketing. Automate your marketing actions based on events.

All you ever need for smart retargeting in one place, Appgain is ready to cover all your retail marketing needs.

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