Acquire and Retain New Customers

The Mobile Growth Platform

How our solutions address these challenges?

Smart Deep Links

  • Google SEO indexable page: Get more organic installs by leveraging the power of
  • PPC: Customize your own ads using Smart deep links, and track who enter the deep links. 
  • App cross-promotion: Run your deep linked Ads on similar apps to acquire more
    users who’re related to your niche.
  • One QR code: generate a deeply linked QR code for easy accessibility to your
  • One link: The ease of using smart deep link redirect you to the app in your phone not the browser. 
  • SMS : Utilize the power of SMS to mass market your app with the ease of downloading
    your app with one click
Smart Deep Linking VS Deep Linking

Mobile Deep Pages

  • Google SEO indexable:  Get more organic installs by leveraging the power of SEO
  • App content preview: Give your users a preview of your application to market your content.

Mobile Attribution

  • App download attribute: Know what Channel is performing better to optimize it to increase your ROI.
  • Uninstall Tracking Never lose a user know who uninstall your and retarget them again.

Powerful and effective Marketing platform


  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • Heatmap tracking by
  • SMS Providers: AWS and SMSGlobal

SEO Friendly

Google search ready mobile deep pages

Mobile deep pages are structured with best SEO practices in mind. You only need to find the right keyword for your app campaign.