App Boost Toolkits

A bundle of Mobile App marketing tools that focus on acquisition, engagement, and retention of your app users. It boosts app’s growth and maximizes LTV of each app user


App Push Notifications

Engage, acquire and retain your app users through customized and targeted mobile push notifications that can promptly reach your users. push notifications build up a strong base of well-targeted loyal consumers by offering you the 5Ws that drives your users’ actions. It can notify users with the new updates about your app, sell them something, or just remind them of revisiting the app.
· Get user communication preference management
· Personalize your app notifications
· Boost marketing relevancy using push on events
· Emoji support for better engagement

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App push notifications
web push notifications


Web Push Notifications

Connect your app’s website and your mobile deep pages with your mobile app users and get your subscription boosted, without having to recollect users’ contact data all over again. web push notifications empower you to re-communicate with your users outside your mobile app via hyperactive and highly-personalized messages.
· Stay informed with users engaging flow via real-time conversion tracking
· Supporting all desktop and mobile platforms
· Get web push subscribers without having an app website
· Detailed analytics for highly-targeted notifications

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Influence your users’ action by pushing highly-targeted and relevant content through mobile app multi-channels. automator maps your users’ actions, tracks their behavioral styles and get you all the analytics you might need to design the most targeted communication messages that will surely catch your users’ attention and hit your ROI goals!
· Accurate analytics for highly-targeted campaigns
· Users behavior-based communication content
· Automating through multi-channels at once
· Anti-spam smart system

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Deep pages app installs use-case
Deep pages app installs use-case



Integrate SMS campaigns into your mobile app marketing strategy and get users’ attention even if they are offline! SMS campaigns enable you to reach users even in those times when they are not connected to the internet and provide the same interactive and engaging text content that can drive them directly to your CTA.
· Personalized SMSs with accurate segmentation
· Easily uploaded via CSV
· Scheduling SMSs delivery and auto-play them all
· Multiple receivers through bulk campaigns
· Use your own prefered SMS vendor