Get Everything You Need for User Acquisition From One  Platform

Get Free App Installs from Google Search, Measure ROI of each acquisition channel.

The Mobile Growth Platform

What is The User acquisition stage?

User acquisition is the process of gaining more users to your app, via various communication channels, there are 2.5 million apps now and to achieve your business ROI you need to be unique and to understand the need of your customers

Challenges You Are Facing!

Acquiring your first set of users

There are thousands of applications being released in the market every day, getting your first set of users could be tricky

Growing your App

You need to know where does your app perform best and what’s your app download to activation rate.

Ease of accessibility

You need to cut down the users journey to your app and provide multiple channels to download your app.

KPIs to Measure your Success

The number of downloads

Measure your success rate with analytics install attribution.

ROI of user acquisition channels

Know your best-performing channels and start optimizing them to increase your ROI.

How our solutions address these challenges?

Smart Deep Links

  • Google SEO indexable page: Get more organic installs by leveraging the power of
  • Email marketing: Convert your email list to app users using deeply linked emails.
  • PPC: Customize your Ads using SDL and interest your users in your app and get
    more downloads!
  • App cross-promotion: Run your deep linked Ads on similar apps to acquire more
    users who’re related to your niche.
  • One QR code: generate a deeply linked QR code for easy accessibility to your
  • One link: The ease of using SDL lets you be directed to your phone’s app store
    rather than a browser
  • SMS: Utilize the power of SMS to mass market your app with the ease of downloading
    your app with one click
  • NFC: Utilize the latest technologies out there to explore markets that haven’t been
    fully utilized yet.
Smart Deep Linking VS Deep Linking

Mobile Landing Pages

  • Google SEO indexable:  Get more organic installs by leveraging the power of SEO
  • App content preview: Give your users a preview of your application to market your content.

Mobile Attribution

  • App download attribute: Know what Channel is performing better to optimize it to increase your ROI.
  • ROI of Acqustion channel : Measure the ROI of each  acquisition channel , like influenced marketer  , in terms of revenue of users of certain acquisition campaign .