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Who We Are The Appgain? team started as a small team of engineers who got together to develop apps during the good old Nokia era, back in 2006. It was shortly after that we realized the hard way, that things do not just stop there, they actually start.

Appgain has then since done mobile marketing differently. We have created solutions that have your entire marketing campaign figured out and optimized. Obviously, the true core of marketing is to engage the right audience, uplift your service, grow your business and of course multiply your revenues. Because we knew what it was like to achieve those hits by hitting our heads against a brick wall, we took as it as our main mission to innovatively support developers through the same challenges they’d face.

Our team consists of some of the most talented, creative, reliable and supportive people in the field. Leave the technical infrastructures to us, our solutions cut to the chase, and get you where you want to be with the minimum of drawbacks, as well as drive the best possible results.

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