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Reattribution window

The reattribution window helps marketers understand the effectiveness of their ongoing marketing efforts and allows them to optimize their user acquisition strategies. By tracking reattributions, marketers can identify which campaigns or sources are successful in re-engaging dormant users and driving them back to the app.

How do reattribution windows work?

Reattribution windows work by allowing mobile app marketers to track and attribute users to specific marketing campaigns or sources even after their initial interaction with the app. Here's how reattribution windows typically work:

1. User Installation: When a user installs an app for the first time, the app's attribution system records the source or marketing campaign that led to the installation. This information is usually captured through various tracking mechanisms such as referral links, tracking codes, or SDK integrations.

2. Initial Attribution: The user is attributed to a specific marketing campaign or source based on their first app installation and launch. This attribution helps marketers understand which marketing efforts are driving user acquisition.

3. User Engagement: After installing the app, users may not immediately engage with it. They might leave the app unused for a certain period.

4. Re-engagement: If a user re-engages with the app within the reattribution window, and this re-engagement is triggered by a different marketing campaign or source, the user can be reattributed to the new campaign or source.

5. Reattribution Tracking: The app's attribution system tracks the user's re-engagement and updates the attribution information accordingly. This allows marketers to attribute the user to the new campaign or source, providing insights into the effectiveness of their ongoing marketing efforts.

6. Reattribution Window Duration: The duration of the reattribution window is determined by the app developer or marketer. It can vary depending on the tracking platform or analytics tool being used. Common reattribution windows range from a few days to several weeks.

7. Reporting and Analysis: Marketers can access attribution reports that show the number of reattributions and the associated campaigns or sources. This data helps them evaluate the performance of different marketing channels, optimize their user acquisition strategies, and make informed decisions for future campaigns.

By implementing reattribution windows, marketers can accurately track the impact of their marketing efforts beyond the initial app installation. It allows them to understand the full user journey, identify successful re-engagement campaigns, and allocate marketing budgets effectively based on the channels and campaigns that drive the highest reattributions and user retention.




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