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Link remarketing

Here's how link remarketing typically works:

  • Visitor interaction: When someone visits a website or clicks on a specific link, a tracking code or cookie is placed on their device. This code helps to identify and track their behavior on the website.
  • Data collection: The tracking code collects information about the visitor's actions, such as the pages they viewed, products they looked at, or actions they took (e.g., adding items to a shopping cart).
  • Remarketing lists creation: Based on the collected data, remarketing lists are created. These lists categorize visitors based on their behavior and actions on the website. For example, a list could include visitors who abandoned their shopping carts or those who viewed a particular product category.
  • Ad targeting: Once the remarketing lists are set up, advertisers can create targeted advertising campaigns. These campaigns can display ads specifically to the people on the remarketing lists when they visit other websites or platforms that are part of the advertising network.
  • Ad display: When someone on a remarketing list visits a website within the advertising network, the tracking code recognizes them and triggers the display of targeted ads. These ads can appear in various formats, such as banner ads, text ads, or even video ads.

The goal of link remarketing is to re-engage potential customers who have shown an interest in a particular website or product. By serving them personalized ads based on their past behavior, businesses can increase brand awareness, encourage conversions, and drive return visits.




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