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Broadcast video

Video content is “broadcasted” over a network down 

to the consumer’s handset. This allows consum￾ers the freedom to select which content to watch. 

With broadcast or multi-cast video, content is a 

“one too many” experience and does not suffer the 

buffering or downloading issues of other mobile video 

platforms. Similar to “traditional” TV, advertising 

opportunities exist within commercial breaks. Per￾sonalization technology regarding the ad experience 

will generally be located nearer to the consumer’s 

device (e.g. a handset application) rather than within 

the video delivery. Currently there is no global defacto 

broadcast technology standard, however the following 

technologies are gaining acceptance in the different 

regions of the world: DVB-H (Europe), MediaFLO (US) 

ATSC M-H (US), DMB, ISDB and SDMB (Asia).




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