A Mobile deep page is a mobile web splash page, hosted by us, which is created with our online editor or from your app via API. The page includes a variety of mobile-ready call to action buttons, text, and images, allowing your audience to interact with your app from desktop or mobile, in new and creative ways.

Mobile deep Pages on Appgain Example

Why use Mobile deep pages?

For Marketers:

Our user-friendly webpage builder allows you to create rich, dynamic, and engaging Mobile deep pages for your marketing campaign. 
Using this tool, you can set up web pages with multiple buttons that act differently as per user device (ios, android, desktop). Also, its integrated with Web Push so you can send web push messages to your customers mobile /desktops even if you do not has an app or a website

For App Developers:

Let your users preview your app content, on the desktop, or on mobiles before they install your app. 
This approach is less intimidating for your potential users and allows them to preview the best of your app’s content before going directly to the App/Play Store download page.

Our Mobile deep pages’ Features

  1. Rich Media: Includes photos, text, and smart calls to action (CTA)
  2. Smart CTA: This feature detects whether a visitor is using mobile or desktop, and generates the best CTA buttons accordingly (i.e., if on mobile, will send SMS; if on the desktop, will open credit card pay page)
  3. Social Media Ready: Users can use these built-in buttons to share information on all major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  4. Social Share Friendly: Whenever content is shared, this tool generates an attractive preview that makes the content more clickable.
  5. Mobile Deeplinking: Visitors are directed to content inside the app, even if they don’t have the app installed.
  6. Cross Platform: Easily useable on PC or mobile.
  7. Easy-to-Use Editor: You can easily create landing pages with a built-in image uploader.
  8. Detailed Analytics.
  9. SEO-Ready: Coming soon!
  10. Web Push Ready: send push messages to your users, on desktop or mobile, even if they removed your app.

Use cases For App Developers

• App content preview: This enables the user to view the best of your app content
• Rich push notifications
• App install campaigns
• Deeplinked e-mails
• Deeplinked SMS
• Deeplinked social media
• Deeplinked ads
• App2App marketing

Use cases For Marketers

• SMS payment
• Smart SMS
• Social marketing
• Deeplinked SMS
• Deeplinked social media
• Deeplinked ads
• Mobile Coupons

Costa Mobile deep Pages on Appgain Example

How Mobile Deep pages benefit business today?

• have one conversion goal
• Landing pages have minimal links off the page, as they distract from the conversion goal.
• You don’t have to has a website or mobile app to use it
• Integrated with web push, now you can reach your customers on mobiles /desktop without app and website
• easy to set up without a developer, utilizing the ready-made templates from our landing page web composer

You can get all of those benefits from The Appgain.io. It gives mobile app developers the user-friendly tools they need to jump-start mobile engagement, revenue, and brand loyalty. 

Now that we’ve talked about Mobile deep pages increase your conversion rates now! Log in now and get the free trial to master your technique with our Mobile Deep Page!

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