People who are interacted with in-app are 4 times more likely to continue using the app 3 months later

Deliver personalized content and offers to them, Reward them for referring the app to their friends, automatically respond to user events like an abandoned cart.

The Mobile Growth Platform

What is The User Retention stage?

User retention is the process of getting your user use your app after installing it because of nearly 1 out of 4 users abandon the app after using it one time, so you need to keep your users engaged with your app

Challenges You Are Facing!

Loss of active users

Nearly 1 out of 4 users abandon apps after downloading them, Download rate is great but active users fuel growth, not just downloads!

Churn Rate

71% of app users churn within 90 days.

Measure your success

N-Day retention Days

percentage of users how come back on a specific day.

Active users

The number of active users during a day, week, or a month.


Measure how much of your users completed the registration process.

Uninstall rate

Know how many users uninstall your app during a day, week or a month.

How our solutions address these challenges?

Smart Deep Links

  • Referrals: Reward users when they invite their friends.
  • Click tracking: Track every link you share on the internet to know what channel performed better.
Smart Deep Linking VS Deep Linking

Mobile Deep Pages

  • Create your MDP with a clear CTA at the end of it to increase your conversion rate. 

Mobile Marketing Automator

  • Message on signup: Automate a message on signup and customize it to your flow, make it welcome of a confirmation.

Uninstall Tracking

  • Know whenever a user  uninstalls your app.
  • Retarget them using email or over any social network
  • Uninstall tracking works on both Android and iOs.