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Landing Pages,URL shortener , Web Push and Social Media Retargeting Solution for Digital Marketers

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How Marketing links Help You With Multi-channel Marketing

Do Less Work, Get More Results

Marketing Links lets you use marketing channels like QR, Social Media, Retargeting And More To Achieve Results Without Doing Much Work!

Multi-channel Marketing

Reach your users anywhere with Multi-channel marketing, wherever your customers reach them!

Actions That Drive Revenue!

Get data that are crucial for your Multi-channel marketing campaigns, data designed to guide you to the right actions!

Engage Customers at the Right Time Through Their Preferred Channel without much work with Multi-channel marketing

Reach Your Users On Every Marketing Channel

Reach users anywhere, with Mutli-channel remarketing doesn’t matter if your users are online or offline, reach your user and send your message, add a call to action and watch your conversion rates sky rocket.
Reach users on:
  • Web/App Push Notifications
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Social Media

Retarget Your Users On Their Favourite Social Media

Retarget your users on their favorite media channel, gain your users’ trust and attention by communicating with them through social media Ads. Retarget your users on any Marketing channel, Retargeting works on :

Make Your Rich Content Viral Via Multi-Functionl pages

Multi-purpose landing pages that provide a lot of functions in a compact mobile landing pages, to help marketers achieve more in their marketing campaign without much work!
Some of the features in our landing pages:
  • Mobile payment
  • Survey
  • Custom HTML Templates
  • Sharing YouTube Video
  • Sharing GIF’s
  • Including One or Multiple Images

Share Your Content Through Custom Branded Links

Build your marketing links with your brand in it with customizable deep-link, drive your users through the sales funnel with simple links.
With in-depth analytics you’ll be able to take actions that drives your revenue!, know your customer analytics, and measure your influencer marketing effectiveness! drive more revenue with easy to understand analytics!
  • Users’ LTV
  • Notification Hits
  • SMS Hits

Important In-depth Analytics

Now View the most important KPIs for you as a retailer or food and beverage, to know how is your marketing campaigns successful, important analytics like :
  • Sales growth
  • Orders growth
  • New customer metrics
  • Loyal and returning customers
  • Average customer LTV -Lifetime Value



Personalized Messages

Send your users customized messages to increase your engagement rates

Dynamic QR

Customizable dynamic QR code that helps you retarget your customers easily without having to implement anything


Omnichannel Messaging

SMS, Email, App Push and Web Push simply a comprehensive mobile marketing automation tool. 

customer analytics

Customer Analytics

Trace Acquired user Location, Deep Link Open, Push Messages open/conversion, etc. 

mobile landing pages

Mobile Landing Pages

Customizable Landing Pages that you could use for multiple functions for your customers

smart deep links

Mobile Deep Links

Short Link allows you to create a single link that sends the user to a specific page inside an app, even if the app was not installed when the user got the link.


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