How’s your mobile marketing campaign going?

What, you haven’t even started targeting mobile users yet? If you haven’t, you’re missing a trick because mobile is the future. Not convinced? Here are some facts that prove the importance of mobile marketing. You should know that,

  • The mobile market share worldwide as of February 2018 was 51.28%,
  • The average mobile conversion rate has improved by 64% when compared to the average desktop conversion rates,
  • More than 77% of US citizens own a smartphone, and many of them frequently shop through it.

In short, without mobile marketing, you’ll have a tough time beating your competitors. So don your thinking hat, come up with a sound mobile marketing plan, and implement it as soon as possible.

To help you get the maximum benefit from your campaign, we’ve provided four smart tips. Have a look.

Opt for App-Based Marketing

According to a report from AppGeeks, 80% of mobile time is spent using mobile apps. Therefore, make sure you offer an easy-to-use mobile app to your users.

However, don’t expect users to pay to download and use your mobile app, because most companies offer apps for free, and your competitors are probably doing the same. If you charge money for your app, you’ll have fewer downloads and will lose many prospective customers to your competition.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Search

Did you know more than 60% of organic searches show different results on desktop vs. mobile? If you want your site to rank among the top few on mobile searches, you should optimize your site accordingly.

One thing you can do is ensure your site loads quickly on mobile devices. This is because a slow site has very few takers. Another thing you should do is optimize your site for voice search, as many people search using voice-based commands in place of typing text on their phones.

Send Mobile-Friendly Promotional Emails

Mobile devices have a smaller screen compared to laptops or desktops. Therefore, when you send promotional emails to mobile users, make sure they are mobile friendly.

How can you do that? Keep your content short and simple. Use compressed images because high-resolution images take a lot of time to load on mobile devices. Last but not least, use a responsive but simple email design.

Use SMS Marketing

Did you know that 79% of mobile phones allow SMS opt-in to assist users with purchasing decisions when they’re shopping? In other words, SMS marketing has a huge potential to help you win new customers. 

If you don’t yet have an SMS marketing list, build one immediately. One way you can encourage mobile users to subscribe to your SMS list is by offering them an incentive, like a gift or a discount on your most popular products.

In addition to these, you should pay heed to the user mobile marketing tips listed in this infographic


mobile marketing

an infographic about digital mobile marketing


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