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Smart Solutions for Charites 

Appgain is a mobile marketing solution that would help you increase your donations, reach and engage your users, and much much more with our smart solutions

As a charity you must've faced these challenges

How to lower the cost of getting donors

Lowering your costs

Doubling your donations

Increase the efficiency of your campaigns, boosting the engagement to it, thus increasing your donations

how to send notifications for your users even if you don't have an application, how to reach your user on all platforms?

Reaching donors

How to cut your donor journey short, thus posting your donation rates

Donating with ease

Appgain's Smart Solutions 

Web Push notifications

Mobile Deep pages

Smart Deep Links

How to double your donations with Appgain

Make paying from donors phone easier and more accessible with smart deep links, you also automate donations for better results in the future

Paying with your phone

Double your open rate for your SMS campaigns via using our smart deep links, by clicking on the link it opens an SMS message with the donation number ready for sending.

This helps you shorten your users' journey thus decreasing the number of people ignoring your message

Double Your donations 

Using our mobile deep pages, you could share your projects and charity campaigns, with multiple options for better conversion rate.

If the donor didn't donate you could always reach him via Web push notifications, even if you don't have a website or an app, once they open your deep page and subscribe to it you could reach them anytime

Mobile pages with multiple donation vlaues 

Send your user notifications on any platform they're on, mobile, tablet or desktop

Notifications without a application

Success Story

Usually, the Sharjah charity organization does campaigns on social media platforms and SMS for their list of donors, they've been looking for a solution to make donating more easily through SMS and in the same time lower their marketing costs, making the text shorter, after using Appgain's smart solutions (mobile deep pages, smart deep links, and web push notifications

  • they had an increase in their SMS open rate from 3% to 12%.
  • decreased SMS texts from 3 to 1 SMS for every donor, thus decreasing the campaign costs

These Charities doubled their donations, what are you waiting for?

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