What it is Mobile Deep Pages?

Use cases

For Marketers

For App Developers

Deep pages app installs use-case

Increase engagement and new user acquisition with marketing campaigns such as SMS campaigns that link to app content. Links work whether they
are clicked on mobile or desktop, and connect to the right app content even though a new install.

Deep pages app installs use-case

Let your users preview your app content, even from their desktop, before they install it. This indirect approach is less intimidating for visitors and allows potential users to preview the best of your app’s content instead of going directly to the App/Play Store download page.

Deep pages app installs use-case

Automatically bring your app content to web world without building a website by yourself, compatible with many technologies that boost your application content feasibility and reach from Google search and social networks.

Deep pages app installs use-case

Push Notification is better to be small, clear and focus on your call to action, but you still need to add more info, right?
Now you can add all of your info in a dynamic mobile landing page and link it with your magnet push, which achieve the hard equation “High Engagement & High ROI”

Deep pages app installs use-case

Share with users your campaign content link, then they will open the link, navigate your landing page campaign and will have multiple payment options. If they did not pay, you can reach them again via web push campaigns.

Deep pages app installs use-case

A recent survey revealed that 96 percent of participating consumers said they used coupons. , the redemption rate of mobile coupons has proved to be ten times higher than those of printed coupons , with 65% redeem mobile coupons within 5 minutes.

Deep pages app installs use-case

Reduce your SMS marketing campaign cost through our Mobile Landing Pages. Just replace most of SMS text with a fully content (text, pictures and buttons) landing page, and watch your ROI jump to maximum.

Deep pages app installs use-case

Your campaign did not achieve your target? No problem, you can reach to your user again through web push notification. Send a cross platform push messages to your users , on desktop or android mobile even they did not have your app.

Why to use Mobile Deep Pages?

For Mobile Marketers

Our user friendly web-page builder allows you to create rich, dynamic, and engaging action pages for your marketing campaign, Using this tool, you can set up web pages with multiple buttons that act differently as per user device (iOS, android, desktop), also it is integrated with “Web Push Notification” so you can send web push messages to your mobile/desktop customers, even if you do not have app or website.

Deep pages and Deep views
Deepviews for apps use-case

For App Developers

Let your users preview your app content, on desktop, or on mobiles before they install your app. This approach is less intimidating for yours potential users and allows them to preview the best of your app’s content before going directly to the App/Play Store download page.

How our Deep Pages Attract Organic Traffic?

Our Deep Pages are Google SEO friendly, As known as its optimized to attract Google search traffic, we made sure to make it indexable by Google and other major search engines and very SEO friendly by following On-page SEO best practices.
Once you configured your custom domain and created your Deep page following our personalized guide to optimize your page content, then followed our simple guide to configure Google Analytics and Search Console to submit your Mobile Deep Pages to Google
After that, Say Hi, for your Free Targeted Traffic!
P.S. We only offer this feature for customers who configured their custom domains.
Check Our Deep Pages Guide from here!

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mobile deep pages
Rich Media

Includes photos, text, and smart calls to action (CTA)

deep pages
Smart CTA

This feature detects whether a visitor is using mobile or desktop, and generates the best CTA buttons accordingly (i.e. if on mobile, will send SMS; if on desktop, will open credit card pay page)

web-push icon
Web Push Ready

send push messages to your users , on desktop or mobile , even if they removed your app

mobile deep pages
Social Media Ready

Users can use these built-in buttons to share information on all major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

social-friendly deep pages
Social Share Friendly
Whenever content is shared, this tool generates an attractive preview that makes the content more clickable
mobile-deeplink icon
Mobile Deeplinking
Visitors are directed to content inside the app, even if they don’t have the app installed
mobile deep pages icon
Easy-to-Use Editor
Thanks to our usable dashboard, create in a minute pages with contextual CTA buttons
detailed icon
Detailed Analytics

Trace Location, User Ids, Campaigns, App installs and optional Google analytics, Segemnt and hotjar integrations