Monetize your user base, retarget them, independently of MNOs

The Mobile Growth Platform


Personalized Messages

Send your users customized messages to increase your engagement rates

Dynamic QR

Customizable dynamic QR code that helps you retarget your customers easily without having to implement anything

Omnichannel Messaging

SMS, Email, App Push and Web Push simply a comprehensive mobile marketing automation tool.

Customer Analytics

Trace Acquired user Location, Deep Link Open, Push Messages open/conversion, etc.


Mobile Landing Pages

Customizable Landing Pages that you could use for multiple functions for your customers

Mobile Deep Links

Short Link allows you to create a single link that sends the user to a specific page inside an app, even if the app was not installed when the user got the link.




How to shorten time 2 market for new Marketing solution deployment?

Conversion rate

Out of a thousand prospects, how many converts into a paying customer? 2% is the common average



Out of a thousand prospects, how many converts into a paying customer? 2% is the common average



How to deliver omni-channels campaigns with a consumer-centric experience?

Location Aware marketing

How to send your target customers a location-aware promotion?


How to make mobile user flow shorter to encourage him to convert?

Contextual Marketing

Deliver Right content, on the right platform

Route users to the optimal location based on their device platform, Create a single compelling CTA, with a single link, that works for all users across mobile and the traditional web.

Marketing Automation

Respond to user behavior with automated omnichannel messaging

get your users’ marketing life cycle completely fulfilled using the exact right context.

plan your app automation workflow ahead by tracking your users’ actions while navigating your mobile app.

Measuring your automation workflow success by extracting insights right from your multi-channel communications analytics.


Mobile Push, without App!

Reach users without an app

Mobile Payment

Get payment via credit card, even if you don’t have a credit card payment gateway, use  less  premium SMS shortcodes with keywords support 

Mobile Coupons

A recent survey revealed that 96 percent of participating consumers said they used coupons. , the redemption rate of mobile coupons has proved to be ten times higher than those of printed coupons, with 65% redeem mobile coupons within 5 minutes

Send a cross-platform push message.

1-A user enters one of your keywords, your campaign landing page immediately pops up

2-Now the user is navigating your landing page, subscribes your push notification.

3-No problem! Through “push notifications” tool, that user still can get your campaign notification.

SEO Friendly

Attract  more organic traffic to your marketing campaigns

With our Google SEO ready marketing links

And re-engage your existing users through Google Search