Taking AARRR Model as our guide to win the challenge of acquiring, engaging and retaining app users, we have covered so far app discovery and tackled most effective channels where you can acquire new users for your mobile app. let’s keep exploring the rest of the top listed most effective mobile user acquisition channels…

“Digital advertising is not only pulling dollars from traditional media, but it’s also creating new advertising opportunities at the local and national level.” Stated eMarketer forecasting analyst Martín Utreras.

According to marketers statistics, “Mobile video consumption is increasing 100% every year, and 30-second mobile video ads have an 88.3% completion rate.”So if you don’t include video ads in your mobile app marketing strategy yet, you need to reconsider!

Let’s go through some Video Ads Dos and Don’ts…

The DOs
  • CTA: Never create app video ads without a clear call-to-action! You are here to sell, whether it’s a direct or indirect sales strategy, so always give your audience something to purchase after watching your ad. It could be a subscription, your website link or a landing page.
  • Be Authentic: which app video ads do you remember? The one with a repeated idea or the one that blows your mind with its uniqueness? Before producing the idea written for your app, determine to which of the two above categories does it belong.
  • Tell Stories: You can use your client’s stories, success stories about your app or your app brand story. Sharing this with your audiences’ will create more mobile growth and will enhance your mobile app marketing rates.
The DON’Ts
  • Poor Quality: what is a super creative app video ad with fantastic content but with a very low quality? Don’t waste your effort by doing a poor quality production.
  • Don’t Be Outdated: don’t use old elements, old ideas or old presentations. We are in a fast growing era where a new trend is being born every day; be up-to-date.
  • Loooong Ad: People have no time, they lose interest quickly. Even if your ad is super attractive, people will not watch a long ad. Mention the most important information about your app in the first 30 seconds and make sure it didn’t exceed 1-minute maximum.
Tools that can assist you:

Loop Me: “Largest Mobile-first Video Advertising Platform”

Facebook Premium Video Ad Service: “Use Facebook’s Apps and Services to Advertise your App Videos”

YouTube Mobile Video Ads: “Reach Potential Customers When They Watch or Search for Videos on YouTube”

Interactive: “Developing a Next Generation Platform for the Programmatic Trading of Mobile Video Ads”

Nanigans: “Ad Automation Software To Manage Our Large, Complex Social And Mobile Ad Campaigns”


Stated by Forrester, “63% of apps are discovered through app store searches, it is the most used method by users for finding and downloading new apps.” you can’t reach high rates of mobile user acquisition without powerful App Store Optimization strategy and be found is the real trick in here, if you manage to utilize ASO discovery strategies, then you got the key to win the game.

The Dos:
  • Stuffed Title: Your title should achieve the heaviest search traffic, insert your most discoverable keywords in your title. But make sure you are not over doing it and that your title is still attractive enough.
  • Analysis: Always keep an eye on your app store analytics. Frequently analysis your mobile growth insights and outcome, analysis your competitor’s activities, analysis your benchmark’s latest strategies. This will always keep you on the right track.
The Don’ts:
  • Generac Keywords: inserting Generac keywords will lower your discoverability chances and will not allow your app to be rated as it should be. Always go for specific keywords that relate the most to your app.
  • Vague App Description: do not waste your description space in writing something vague about what your app is offering. Your mobile app content description reflects your identity. So make it clear, straight to the point, catchy and informative.

For more check Appgain.io article: ASO Checklist: your 2018 ASO Strategy Guidelines

Tools that can assist you:

AppAnnie: “The Standard In-App Analytics And App Market Data”

Appcodes: “Perform App Store Seo, Track Your Competitors”

sensorTower: “Store Intelligence Products That Improve Visibility, Performance And Roi.”

Straply: “The ASO Tool to Validate Your App”

App Store Dashboard: “Makes It Simple For Users To Discover, Purchase, And Download Your Apps”

Is this all? No.

Although social media is on the head of the list, It is very costly. In U.S. Using social media to acquire new users costs $2.32 per install! an alternative to it, you can use email, app cross-promotion, web organic search that are less costly and together, will gather to you more than what social media can do (an effectiveness rate 20% to be precise.)

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