Once a customer downloads your app, Next step is to win their usage

Personalize users OnBoarding, Shorter sign-up flow, Automate user activation campaign.

The Mobile Growth Platform

What is The App Activation stage?

User Activation is the process of getting your user use your app after installing it because of nearly 1 out of 4 users abandon the app after using it one time, so you need to keep your users engaged with your app.

Challenges You Are Facing!

Download rate isn’t everything

Nearly 1 out of 4 users abandon apps after downloading them, Download rate is great but active users fuel growth, not just downloads!

Keep users engaged

Don’t let your users forget about you, keep your users engaged at all times.

App Activation Metrics

Activation Rate

Measure how successful is your app in the activation phase by knowing the percentage of people who launched the app.

Day-1 Retention

Measure the percentage of users who came back to the app on day 1.


Measure how much of your users completed the registration process.

User Profiles

Get data on who your users are and what do they do.

How our solutions address these challenges?

Smart Deep Links

  • One-click login: Provide a passwordless login and shorten your users’ journey, increasing the ease of use in the process.
  • Personalize users login: Customize your users’ login journey to increase.


Retarget your customers, as soon as they drop at any stage of the funnel  on all major social media.

  • Supporting social media remarketing for FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google Ads, Snapchat, Linked In , using Pixels and Mobile Advertiser Ids
  • Built in Mobile Landing Pages , Smart Deep Links and all Appgain.io SDKs

Mobile Marketing Automation

  • Message on signup: Automate a message on signup and customize it to your flow, make it welcome of a confirmation.

Rich App Push

With Video Push notification you could catch your users attention easily, send them the video in their notification center and watch them click on the video and convert

  • GIF push notifications 
  • Video push notifications 
  • YouTube push notifications